Brooklyn Basin Off Site Improvements

Offsite improvements and road widening on Embarcadero Road to accommodate increased traffic flow for the Brooklyn basin community. The project included dry utility upgrades, traffic

Lakeside Green Reconstruction

The Lakeside Green Streets Project is a 14-acre complete green streets project to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle use, calm traffic, increase parklands, improve Snow Park,

Dougherty Road Improvements

Dougherty Road widening project for the heavily traveled corridor in Dublin, California. The project included an upgraded pedestrian trail, upgraded traffic signals, implantation of temporary

Route 238 Corridor Improvement

A corridor improvement project which improved traffic flow by the installation and implementation of a smart corridor adaptation system. The project included decorative traffic signal,

East Bay Greenway

Phase 1 of the long-planned East Bay Greenway was completed in November 2019, stretching a half-mile from Coliseum BART at 73rd Avenue to 85th Avenue.

Cayetano Park

Cayetano Park is a community park with ball fields, play areas, lots of open space, trails & scenic hilltop views. Columbia Electric is lighting up

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